Everyone knows the construction industry generates a lot of paperwork. There’s the contract and compliance documentation, as well as drawings, specs, revisions, and the list goes on.

It can be overwhelming to track accumulated construction documents, especially on a project with hundreds or thousands of drawings. And it can be a real headache to make sure you can get to the files you need in a timely manner. No one wants to spend their morning searching through a stack of papers in the trailer, or on a desk in the office before they can get to work.

Poor construction document management in construction is just one issue that leads to disrupted schedules and projects that go over budget. A McKinsey report cites digital tools as a necessary part of the solution to scheduling and budgetary overruns.

Management of your construction documentation is critical to the success of any job. While paperwork is a constant in construction, software can help improve productivity and efficiency.

Here are three essential tests your software solution should pass:

The Speed Test

You should be able to find information when you need it so that you can get the job done without any delay. Getting the files you need, including changes and customer requests, more quickly and efficiently will help you meet your scheduling and budget goals. Good document management means good project management.

The Accuracy Test

Your construction document management software should allow you to easily tag and file documents and ensure everyone’s working from the latest files. It can be costly to fix a mistake that occurred because someone was working from the wrong version of the project drawings. Software that allows proper versioning means you’ll always be working from the latest updated files, so you’ll stay profitable.

The Efficiency Test

Your software should help your team communicate and collaborate better. Instead of waiting for someone to find important paperwork from a pile on a desk, email your documents into a centralized system where they are tagged and organized for easy retrieval. Automated invoice routing allows you to attach invoices to email so you can quickly get invoices approved from the job site.

Explorer Software’s DocPro helps you digitally manage and store all documents and files for every project and provides centralized, secure storage of all your construction data, tagged in case you need to refer to them in the future.

Set up is easy: create workflows that eliminate the bottlenecks once and solve all your document management problems.

View Explorer’s Document Management module DocPro page for more information.