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Why do your projects tend to run over budget or take too long to complete?

Successful construction companies take project management seriously. As your company continues to grow, it becomes even more important to master effective project management techniques so you can ensure happy customers and maintain your profit margins. A meta-analysis of 20 research papers by Nagapan, Rahman, and Asmi found that “Poor planning, leftover materials on site,  and ordering errors” were some of the contributing factors for generating waste in construction. (suggest linking to the phrase ‘waste in construction’).

Many projects ran over budget because the company failed to prepare and obtain adequate materials for the job in advance, or track key performance indicators, or evaluate their performance post project.

Project Management Software that’s made for construction companies can help you save time and money. Construction project management software can guide you to create benchmarks that will show you how successful your project was overall. And most important, it can be a tool that helps you to be more transparent with your customers so that you can manage and exceed their expectations.

Here are three ways that project management software can save you time and money.

Digitize Your Procurement Management

It may seem obvious that an accurate estimate is the foundation of a successful project. Knowledge is key. Estimated project costs, materials, and schedules will prevent any unpleasant surprises down the road. Many companies still manually enter information in either paper forms or in spreadsheets that aren’t part of their management software, causing the lack of automation to lead to errors, overspending, and arguments with vendors.

Having a software solution that digitizes your procurement management will:

  • Make your bids more accurate.

  • Improve processing cost and speed.

  • Track the receipt of your items and materials.

  • Increase spending transparency.

Track and Analyze KPIs

Without an accurate analysis that shows the real time status of your projects it can be difficult to make informed adjustments before a job gets out of control. Often companies also face a confusing mountain of data that comes in from paperwork, so it’s best to find a Project Management solution that can easily convert information to digital data you can use. Home in on the actions you need to take by tracking KPIs that are important to your company.

To keep everything running smoothly you need a software solution that increases visibility and control for your project managers. Trying to track daily data such as weather, labor, and equipment usage on top of managing incidents, RFIs, and submittal details can be overwhelming for even seasoned managers. To help with project control, you’ll need a software that can:

  • Track and analyze information in an easy-to-read format.

  • Set up automatic alerts to warn managers of issues that need immediate attention.

  • Provide real-time job costing.

Post-Project Assessment

The completion of a project isn’t the end of project management. You’ll want to spend time after the project to assess whether your goals for the project were met and identify how adjustments to certain functions can boost your operations.

One key part of this post project management process depends on accurate data collection and analytics tools. If you’ve digitized and tracked your KPIs, this can greatly speed up the post-project reporting by being able to display your results in an intuitive report. Combine this with a survey sent out to your employees asking for firsthand information and you can create a robust review that includes all the areas you can improve upon to keep your company successful.

Explorer’s project management software for construction companies has all the features that you need to manage every aspect of your projects.

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