Anyone who’s ever searched through a filing cabinet knows—paper is an inefficient and expensive way to manage a construction business.

The costs are far higher than simply paper and ink, however. If you’re still primarily running your business with paper documents, you’re spending far more time—and money—managing that system than you realize.

Keeping your records on paper is a highly risky practice. Let’s talk about three reasons why more construction companies are turning to digital document management.

Lost or Missing Paperwork

Paper is susceptible to being lost or destroyed, as well as to unauthorized use. That leaves your business vulnerable to accidental losses and theft. An electronic document management system (EDMS)—like Explorer’s DocPro module for our Eclipse construction management solution— makes paperwork painless.

DocPro uses our enhanced search function to locate and send documents, emails, and their attachments to contacts effortlessly. Since it automatically includes both OCR and GPS tagging, your team can search by content to quickly find what they need. Plus, you can easily archive emails for accessibility and historical documentation.

Time Management

It takes employees time to find paper documents—and time in the construction business costs money. EDMS reduces the time needed for creating, storing, capturing, indexing and retrieving documents. That makes it faster and easier when it’s time to look for a specific document, or to gather information for a project proposal, budget or other task.

Users can drag and drop documents into DocPro or automatically attach documents generated in Eclipse—creating a document repository that’s easy to navigate. Thumbnail views enable quick and easy previewing. Plus, you can track revisions and see previous versions of a document.


Security for paper records is usually as simple—and ineffective—as a lock and key. An EDMS like DocPro includes advanced security measures to enable secure access for key personnel while maintaining client security and confidentially.

An EDMS is the best way to keep your important business documentation safe and secure in a digital format, where it’s backed up and accessible only to the people you choose. Additionally, we’ve developed DocPro security features that fit seamlessly into your workflows, making it easy to implement and simple to maintain.

While the transition to a paperless construction company may feel risky, there’s a huge risk in maintaining old, ineffective systems as well.

Contact us to learn how DocPro for Eclipse can give your construction company an edge in the competitive marketplace.