3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) Collaboration Software

StreamBIM delivers exceptional technology that allows all trades to stream complex Building Information Models (BIM) on the job site.

Vancouver, BC – StreamBIM, a user-friendly software platform that gives users access to the latest 3D models and documentation on any digital device, is now available in North America through StreamBIM North America.

Improvements in the construction industry are coming as the result of new digital technologies. BIM (building information modeling) gives a global view of building projects, as well as smart tracking of separate building systems. The use of BIM helps companies improve collaboration among the multiple roles involved in the project, control costs by improving productivity, and better maintain built facilities.

Project managers look for ways to reduce building errors and use the time of their sub-contractors more efficiently. StreamBIM is easy-to-use technology that’s new to the North American market. The software allows all disciplines to stream 3D BIM models and project plans to their handheld devices whether they are on site or in the project office.

With StreamBIM, there’s no wasted time waiting to download a specific section of the construction model. The software also makes it possible to track issues in real time as they arise, capture photos, and to alert the appropriate team to make required adjustments.

“As a very user-friendly software for collaboration and for distribution of information, based on open BIM, StreamBIM will play a key role and will impact the ongoing discussions within the construction industry about efficiency improvements and digitalization,” says Bjornar Markussen, BIM coordinator for Avinor and the new terminal at Oslo’s Gardermoen airport, which was built using StreamBIM

In addition to the Gardermoen project, StreamBIM has more than 4300 users, and has been deployed on projects from hospitals to hotels.

Mark Liss, President of Explorer Software, says, “We are excited to represent StreamBIM in North America. The technology is unparalleled and delivers valuable project information instantly to everyone involved. We believe it will prove to be a valuable addition not only for our customers but to the North American construction market.”

For further information about StreamBIM, please contact northamerica@streambim.com

About StreamBIM

StreamBIM is a producer of cloud 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) collaboration software for the construction industry. The StreamBIM platform is designed for 3D BIM collaboration throughout all stages of the construction project, from design through construction to as-built handover and facilities maintenance.

For more information about StreamBIM, visit: www.streambim.com


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