Shafers Service Management

Simple, Reliable and Built for the Service Industry

Explorer Shafers can make every part of your business from dispatching to purchasing to payroll to accounting – easier and more efficient. Our solution tracks all of your critical information in one place. Techs can quickly view Service History, Inventory Levels and Maintenance Contracts. Collect credit card information directly from the job site and transmit the payment to the back office instantly. Real time vehicle tracking allows you to easily dispatch the closest available tech to save time and fuel costs.

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We have used & grown with Explorer Shafers since 1992. I have seen & reviewed different software companies over the years but I remain convinced Shafers Software fits our business needs better than anyone else. Shafers Software product continues to evolve with the technological changes that support our industry. However, it’s the personal support they offer to navigate through those changes is what I feel really sets them apart. As all service companies know, our average customer demands and pectations continue to grow. That’s why we choose to partner with Explorer Shafers. The Shafers product gives us the ability to customize our business software needs to both meet our customers growing expectations & yet maximize profitability.
Bryan Hoff , Hoff Heating & A/C
We love that Explorer Shafers is a completely integrated system. The fact everything is in a centralized location makes it easy for us to provide excellent service to our customers. The quick quotes module is big for us. All of our quotes are saved in a centralized place, so when customers are ready to execute, we can close the sale instantly. With Shafers, my techs don’t waste time doing paperwork or restocking parts. They are always prepared with the right parts and information they need to get the job done.
Gary Mears, Dial One Mears A/C
We have been on the Shafers system for over 26 years it has grown with us over the years from our business of 25 employees to our 170 plus employees. We have added the modules that we have needed with our expansions and growth, it has allowed us to departmentalize as we have added plumbing and electrical to our company through the years and more recently as we have acquired other companies allowing us to show different divisions/departments profitability and costs to better evaluate their performance. The overall complete integration of the modules allows for a more cohesive operating system and we are very pleased to have chosen Shafers as our operating system.
John Boyce, Airco Service Inc.