Eclipse General Ledger supports an unlimited number of companies and divisions.  Multiple currencies are also supported.  Easily consolidate operating results of multiple companies – even if they work in different currencies.

  • Perform inter-company transactions in general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable – even payroll.
  • Expense a single invoice against multiple companies, across multiple databases – even across multiple servers.
  • Intercompany transactions include all required entries to balance sheet due to and due from accounts.
  • Multiple GL periods are simultaneously available for posting – including previous years – no closing required.
  • Create financial reports using ad-hoc reporting tools or utilize one of the many included financial reports.
  • Drill down to account source detail directly from the report.

Cash Management

Eclipse Cash Management is a centralized location for all functions relating to cash inflows and outflows.

  • Maintain an unlimited number of banks and bank accounts.
  • Import electronic bank files of cleared transactions from your financial institution and automatically reconcile.
  • Forecast cash flow in an intuitive calendar interface – view cash inflows, outflows and bank balance.


Eclipse Multi-Currency supports an unlimited number of currencies in each company,

  • Establish bank accounts and enter transactions in currencies other than your home currency.
  • Define Vendors and Customers in currencies other than your home currency.

Business Partners

Eclipse Business Partners ensures that the same vendor, customer and employee codes are used in all companies.  When a change in common information, such as address or telephone number, is made in any module and company, the changed information updates all vendors, customers and employees.