Client:  Central City Asphalt Ltd.

Location: Red Deer, Alberta

Business: Heavy Highway Contractor

Central City Asphalt | Efficiency and Ease-of-Use are Paramount

Central City Asphalt is a highly respected road construction and paving contractor based in Red Deer, Alberta. The company focuses on the construction and maintenance of road infrastructure, offering a range of services that include asphalt concrete paving, pavement recycling, cement stabilized subgrade, and urban development.

Founded in 1987, Central City Asphalt is known for their dedication to safety and quality, as well as their commitment to their community. Recent clients include Alberta Transportation, City of Red Deer, and the Department of National Defense.

As a busy heavy highway contractor, efficiency and ease of use are paramount to their business. “We just need to get things done and Explorer Eclipse allows us to do exactly that,” explains Carolyn Cota, Accounting Manager. The software is a tightly integrated ERP solution that allows contractors to effectively manage unit costs, equipment and labor in one place. “Eclipse saves us both time and money. Without it, we would need to hire more people to keep track of everything.” Explorer Software is a leading provider of job cost accounting software that delivers both flexibility and power through software that can be installed at the client’s location or accessed through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

Carolyn Cota - Accounting Manager, Central City Asphalt

“The staff at Explorer are very, very helpful. They take the time to get to know you and your business so that when you need help, they are quick to understand what you’re looking for.”

“Everything is so much cleaner and simpler with Eclipse. Rather than estimating how their jobs are doing based on feel, we’re able to create custom reports for our Project and Fleet Managers that show them exactly how they’re doing,” says Cota. Explorer’s Business Analytics comes standard with the software and allows users to easily create custom reports, KPIs, and dashboards with minimal training and no 3rd party products. The value of Business Analytics doesn’t stop there. Central City Asphalt has used the game-changing tool to create a whole host of customized inquires that help them stay on top of their jobs.

Perhaps the greatest time saver is Explorer’s Automated Invoice Routing (AIR) system, an intuitive document approval and routing system that allows the users to easily track, review, and approve vendor invoices. “Before we started using Eclipse, we were constantly going to the filing cabinet to search for invoices and it took time to have invoices reviewed and approved,” says Cota. “Now everything is scanned and indexed in Eclipse, so it’s easy for me to locate, review, and approve invoices no matter where I am. It doesn’t get any easier than that.”

Central City Asphalt has a small team that depends on Eclipse to help them efficiently process data and create reports. Despite recent growth, the company has been able to handle the additional volume with the same staff. “The accounting group really depends on Eclipse. Business Analytics provides the managers and owners to get the real-time information they need to make good decisions quickly,” Cota explains.

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