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3 Tests Your Construction Document Management Software Should Pass

Everyone knows the construction industry generates a lot of paperwork. There’s the contract and compliance documentation, as well as drawings, specs, revisions, and the list goes on. It can be overwhelming to track accumulated construction documents, especially on a project with hundreds or thousands of drawings. And it can be a real headache [...]

Why Software Updates are Crucial to Protecting Your Business

You’ve seen the software updates pop up on your screen—those little reminder messages that come at a time that’s usually less than convenient. While it’s tempting to ignore these updates because you’re busy, ignoring them puts your business at risk. Old software code typically has holes that enable cyber criminals to cause havoc with [...]

3 Ways Paper Documents Are Putting Your Company at Risk

Anyone who’s ever searched through a filing cabinet knows—paper is an inefficient and expensive way to manage a construction business. The costs are far higher than simply paper and ink, however. If you’re still primarily running your business with paper documents, you’re spending far more time—and money—managing that system than you realize. Keeping your [...]