Remote Data Capture


Explorer Project+ is a web application that is designed for remote data collection and is ideally suited for use on an iPad.  Don’t have an iPad? No problem.  Project+ also runs in a web browser.  Enter employee information and submit it for approval.  Supervisors can view, edit and approve timesheets with ease using Project+.  Once approved, effortlessly import timesheets into Explorer Eclipse, eliminating double entry.

  • Enter employee information and submit for approval from your iPad.
  • Easy to use; intuitive touch interface lets you do everything just by tapping the screen.
  • Work from a remote site, your truck, or even on a plane.
  • Quickly email approved timesheets to payroll for processing.
  • Create records even when you’re not connected to the Internet. Once an internet connection is established, you can send timesheets and receive new records.
  • Enter by crew or employee.
  • Capture equipment time and units of production.
  • Verify totals by employee.
  • Copy records and globally change fields to quickly record time for the next day.
  • Signature capture feature allows your employees to sign off on timesheets. Multiple signatures on one timesheet are supported.