Eclipse Accounts Payable goes beyond recording expenses and writing checks.

  • Pay vendors by check or direct deposit.
  • Select invoices for payment by currency, due date, vendor type, or job – manually select or deselect individual vendors or invoices.
  • Automated Invoice Routing (AIR) feature works with DocPro to support routing of invoices for approval. Approve invoices in the office or in the field and design multiple workflows that include named or role based approvers.
  • Route a check register for approval prior to printing checks.
  • Attach images of invoices and other documents to transactions – view them throughout Eclipse.
Eclipse Subcontractors handles all tasks related to subcontracts on your jobs.

  • Maintain subcontracts by job and subcontract number.
  • Track all required documents for subcontractors or subcontracts, including expiry date reminders.
  • Includes a ‘pay when paid’ feature.
  • Enter and track change orders by subcontractor.
Eclipse Hired Truck Module gathers information for any type of dependent contractor, including individual owner/operators, truck brokers – even entities with no equipment, such as flagging companies.

  • Site personnel enter hired truck tickets on a daily basis – contributes to real time job costing.
  • Pay by the hour, load, ton – even compound rates that include a loading and a haul component.
  • Create multiple rate tables by job, region or any other criteria – includes specific rates for individual truckers.
  • Easy reconciliation of tickets to the trucker’s invoice – no ticket, no pay concept.
Eclipse Purchase Orders handles the entire purchasing cycle:  Requisitions, Quotes and Purchase Orders.

  • Accrued or Committed costs can be included in Job Cost Reports and Operating Statements.
  • Tracks partially accrued purchase orders.
  • Record all purchases to a specific job.
  • Ability to Inquire by PO status, number, requisition number, GL account, job, inventory item, equipment number, work order or vendor.