Use Contract Status Inquiry to view all or a subset of your jobs.  Filters include customer, project manager and division.  View contract value, billings to date, cost to date, variance, forecasted costs to complete, percentage completion and projected profit.

The Job Status Inquiry window displays costs by cost class, cost code, contract item or master cost code.  See the original budget, any change orders that may have been issued, the projected budget, costs to date, forecasted costs to complete and the projected variance by cost code.

  • Easily see employee time or material invoices charged to a project.
  • Ability to forecast cost to complete and cost at complete for predictable job management.
Eclipse Project Control makes it easy to stay organized by storing all of your documents in a central repository for improved visibility across the organization. Say goodbye to network share drives and using Outlook to store and organize project email. Project Control lets you track and review all documents and correspondence with ease. Fully integrated to DocPro, documents are automatically tagged and stored for easy retrieval; including RFIs, submittals, issues, meeting minutes and more.

  • All documents are generated and automatically stored in DocPro.
  • Includes Change Requests/Change Orders, Requests for Information, Issues, Submittals, Meeting Minutes, Project Contact Lists, Transmittals, Punch Lists, Daily Logs, Correspondence, and Hot Lists.
  • Use Hot List to help you keep critical tasks at the forefront and ensure timely follow-up.
Eclipse Estimating can be integrated to the Payroll module, ensuring that estimators are using current, fully burdened labor rates in their estimates.  It is also integrated to the Equipment module for access to current internal equipment charge-out rates.

  • Build crews composed of labor and equipment resources, specifying hours and production capacities.
  • Create bid items of commonly used materials, subcontractors, and other costs.
  • Reuse crews, resources or entire bid items in any subsequent bid – with or without modification – you save time and avoid bidding errors.
  • Successful bids are automatically set up in Job Master and Cost Code Master tables.
At the heart of any enterprise construction management package, there needs to be a solid job costing module.  Explorer Eclipse Job Costing is updated in real time – there are no batch processes to wait for before you can view actual results.  You can tell immediately if jobs are on budget, allowing you to make required changes more quickly, and with better information.

“Eclipse provides real time data which allows finance and operations to work together as a Team.  This gives us the ability to catch problems before it is too late.” – Chad Weldy,  VP Finance, Kent Power, Inc

Daily job costing is integrated with Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Hired Truck Payroll, Materials Handling, Inventory, General Ledger, and all other Explorer modules – each one in real time.

  • A flexible reporting system allows you to choose either basic or advanced job cost reporting with management information reports that can be provided in either summary or detailed formats.
  • Compare budgeted to actual costs on a unit price (cost per cubic yard, lineal foot, etc) or on a total cost basis.
  • Create Change Orders as needed. View all pending and approved Change Orders for jobs and subcontracts.
  • Approved change orders automatically increment budgets.
  • All job cost reports reflect approved change orders.