Materials Handling

Eclipse Materials Handling addresses the needs of companies that produce aggregates and asphalt.

  • Simple data entry screen for rapid processing of trucks across a scale.
  • Integrates directly with the scale head to record weights.
  • Updates Eclipse on a real time or batch basis.
  • Create quotes and customer orders for tracking commitments to each customer by plant.
  • Schedule orders based on production capacity, monitor order status and truck productivity in real time.


Eclipse Inventory manages internal materials and repair parts.  Inventory also integrates with the Sales Orders module for wholesale or retail counter sales.

  • Ability to track any type of material in any unit of measure.
  • Track quantities on hand, on order, on reserve and on backorder at any number of locations, for any number of companies.
  • Automatically updates the value of your inventory, based on current average cost, each time a purchase or adjustment is made – optionally use standard costing instead.