Business Analytics & Personalizer

Business Analytics

Eclipse Business Analytics provides user-friendly tools that allow you to choose just the data you want in the format you want; such as tables, charts or graphs. Create your own real-time dashboards and reports without a detailed understanding of the database, expensive third party software or extensive training in report writing. Easily present your most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a graphical, head’s up display in real time so managers can quickly see how you are performing.

  • Create powerful, dynamic custom reports in minutes.
  • Dynamically sort, filter, and group your information; drill down for more details.
  • Create calculated columns to capture useful information.
  • One click export to Excel.
  • Dynamically drag and drop colorful KPIs to your dashboards.
  • Create your own KPIs so you can quickly analyze important data in a graphical format.
  • Set up multiple dashboards to track specific projects or jobs.
  • Save and share dashboards with other managers or team members.


Eclipse Personalizer allows you to tailor the software to your specific needs and processes

  • Customize screens – hide fields you don’t need, reorder fields on the screen.
  • Add unlimited UDFs (User Defined Fields) that can be text fields, drop-boxes or check-boxes.
  • Determine whether UDFs will accept characters, numbers, or dates.
  • Perform validation on UDFs.
  • Change the tab order of fields.
  • Add User Defined Tabs (UDTs) in a folder.