Explorer Eclipse



For over 25 years, Explorer Software Group has set the standard in ERP software for the construction industry with its flagship product, Eclipse. Eclipse introduces leading technologies and best in class functionality to the construction software market and is delivered as a web-based solution. This means your data is securely available from anywhere in the world and there is no desktop application to install. Eclipse is everything you'd expect from a world-class construction accounting system and is a robust real-time system designed with your construction accounting needs in mind.  It is flexible enough to adjust to the requirements of any user - and built to operate in a multi-company, multi-currency and divisionalized environment.

Core Modules

Our core package includes a variety of modules including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Job Costing, Equipment Management and more. The Payroll module is perhaps the most complete in the industry, offering options for both hourly and salaried personnel, as well as American, Canadian, and Mexican payrolls, among others.

Eclipse is built for you. Choose from our comprehensive suite of add-on modules to help you manage projects, track your assets, maintain employee records, capture data in the field and much more. Let our integrated software make a meaningful impact on your business today.

Make the most of your time. Our software leverages SQL database access technology to give you blazing speed and increased efficiency.

Make informed decisions. Eclipse puts your most important information at your fingertips. Our colorful visual indicators can quickly give decision-makers a big picture overview of the financial health of your business and will allow you to drill down for additional detail.

Add-on Functionality

Some of our add-on functionality includes:

Service Manager

Provides a complete analysis of equipment maintenance records. Keep costs down and minimize equipment downtime. Lets you track equipment repair history and schedule preventative maintenance for your fleet.

Human Resources

Keep track of vacation days, assigned equipment, employee skill sets, certifications and more. Empower employees to answer their own payroll questions with our self-serve option, which allows secure access to sensitive data and reduces demands on the HR manager.

Project Management

Control and analyze projects in a single, convenient place. Track your current projects and their projected profit so you can pinpoint problems early and take corrective action. Drill down capability puts the information you need at your fingertips.

Materials Handling

Real-time monitoring of your plant/materials operations. Tickets created in the scale house are uploaded to the accounting server in real time. For scales in remote locations, ticket data is batched, and can be uploaded when convenient.

Document Manager

Go paperless, improve workflow and reduce costs. By digitizing, storing and indexing your documents in one location, you can empower your employees with access to information.

Daily Job Log System

Runs on a foreman's laptop, making daily reporting from the job site quick and easy. Capture payroll, materials, photos, notes and more. Automatically synchronizes field and office data.

Also available:

Hired Truck Payroll, Time and Billing, Inventory Management, Purchase Order, Estimating, Subcontractors, Sales Order....and more. Contact us for additional information.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics Module: The Science of Analysis

Business analytics refers to the skills, technologies, applications and practices for continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning. These are the tools to help you successfully run your business.


User interface that organizes and presents business information in an easy-to-read format. Includes interactive and customizable KPIs. Dynamically drag and drop menu items onto a dashboard and personalize using a variety of themes.


Easy access to your attached documents. Flip through thumbnail previews to find what you're looking for quickly and efficiently.

Report Scheduler

Schedule reports with email capability. Have a PDF, HTML or Excel report sent to your inbox daily. Package groups of reports for automatic distribution.


System wide messaging feature to notify users of corporate information, requirements, and deadlines. Alerts users when they log in or change menus.


Our powerful built-in search tool. Find what you want faster and easier with relevant links to menus, help documentation, customer data and jobs.

Key Performance Indicators

Colorful visual indicators that present your most important business information in a heads up display format. Easily drill down to detail to identify issues early and take corrective action. Manage proactively, not reactively.

Integration with eWebReports

eWebReports is a browser based ad-hoc reporting tool that includes a report creation wizard with Excel®-like design interface. Push data to eWebReports from any inquiry. Advanced features for charting and graphing. Link reports for drill down capabilities.

Template Designer

Design invoices, checks, purchase orders, scale tickets, and much more.


Powerful management tool that will automatically generate an email when critical changes occur. Receive notification immediately if a job goes over budget or a customer invoice is overdue.


Customize screens with user defined fields and tables. Browser WYSIWYG screen designer. Tailor screens for the individual user, type of user, or all users to meet the needs of your business. Create database tables and bind fields to forms.


To see a demo of the Eclipse product or for more information, please contact us.